“Join the VR Porn Revolution”

“VRotica is the worlds easiest to use VR headset and is here to give you Sensual Reality. Gets yours now”

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Easy to use all in one VR

About VRotica

Easy To Use

Just press the ON button and you’re good to go. No phones, no computers, no setup.

Full HD Display

Full HD display to immerse yourself completely.

Top Of The Range Content

Hundreds of videos from the best in the business.

Connect to Wifi

Go online and set up your account.

Register Your Device

Unlock the whole library, unleash Sensual Reality.

Unique Experience

Experience the most immersive and realistic form of porn available today.

Ready in 4 steps

Turn On

Turn on your VRotica headset with the power button on the left panel.

Connect to Wifi

Select the wifi icon on the top right of the menu screen and connect to a wifi network to get your free video and your device ID.

Register Your Device

Go to vroticaheadset.com, create your account and register your device ID.

Enter Sensual Reality

You have now unlocked the video store! Browse, purchase and download as you wish. You can purchase credits on the website.

More features



The VRotica headset boasts a full HD 1920*1080 resolution display. The screen position and interpupillary distance can be adjusted at the top of the device for the best possible experience for each and every user.


An internal memory of 32GB means you can download and keep tens of videos at a time.


At just 420gr the VRotica headset is light and fits comfortably on your head. The straps on the top and side of the device are adjustable for the perfect fit for each user.


"This is an incredible leap forward for consumers of adult VR content and the industry as a whole"
Head of Production Xavi Clos, BaDoinkVR

"This headset is so easy to use, press play and all your fantasies come true!"
Francois-Xavier Carrette of Marc Dorcel

"I was amazed by the headset, it was so easy to use. Rather than watching the film, you feel you are within the film, which is what our customers ultimately want, total immersion!"
Lisa Bernard, manager of The Private Shop, Cambridge

"Easy to order online, discreet delivery, and you can start using it immediately without any further hassles or unnecessary time spent side-loading content."
Julia Dimambro, founder of Cherry Sauce

Contact Us

You can contact us regarding any issues at contact@vroticaheadset.com